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Improve your short-term rental occupancy rate by knowing local market offer and request in advance

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The Host platform helps you optimise profit and occupancy with the exclusive Magic Pricing tool.

Plan your calendar in advance

Don't be forced to lower your rates with mandatory last-minute offers

Make the right investment

Get real data about properties you are interested from an impartial third party.


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InsideBnB gives you

All properties

InsideBnB saves you a lot of time compared to manual searches on short-term rental portals. While those portals offer specific date availability properties filtered by their criteria, InsideBnB shows you all properties, allowing you to decide what to filter.

Aggregated data

InsideBnB shows you all the data about short-term rentals in your area (including prices, availability and other details) on a single page in a convenient “monthly calendar” format. Instead of visiting dozens of pages to understand your competitors' prices and strategies, you can focus on your short-term rental strategy.

Unlimited listings

Are you an individual host, a professional host or a short-term rental agency?
You can add as many properties as you need and and analyze each property individually. 

Magic pricing

With our exclusive Magic pricing tool, you can enhance your revenues by over 40% effortlessly. With just a click, our tool suggests the optimal day-by-day price, ensuring a perfect balance between profit and occupancy

Collecting and updating short-term rental data

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