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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the local market and your competitors’ offerings with this powerful product. Featuring a user-friendly interface and robust filter options, identifying direct competitors and accessing detailed data on their availability and prices has never been easier.

  • Neighbors view

    Browse and filter all listing around your property up to a 20 km range

  • Competitors list

    Create a custom selection of properties you identify as direct competitors

  • Calendars

    Vied detailed neighbors' and competitors' day-by-day prices and availabilities for the next 10 months

  • Magic Pricing

    Get the best prices' suggestion calculatd by our exclusive alghoritm fot both occupancy rate and profit optimization

  • Map

    Browse a detailed map showing all short-term rentals around your property in a range of 20 km


The number of hosts has grown by 50% in the last year


Magic pricing

With Magic pricing tool, you can effortlessly optimize your pricing strategy for the next 10 months, ensuring maximum profitability and occupancy rates.

It finds for you the best rates that strike the perfect balance between attracting guests and maximizing your profits. By intelligently considering both occupancy and profit optimization factors, you can optimize your earnings like never before.

Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting out, our Magic Pricing tool empowers you to make data-driven decisions that yield extraordinary results. Experience the transformative power of precise pricing, enhanced profitability, and a thriving hosting business.



Magic Filter

To ensure utmost precision, hosts can narrow down listings based on star rating, distance, bedroom count, guest capacity, and more.

If your property is located in an area with thousands of short-term rental properties, the Magic filter feature will help you easily spot competing properties.
So you can concentrate on the most important activity: set the best day-by-day price.


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