Short term rental statistics and data: Antigua - Parish of Saint George
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short term rental properties

There are 18 short term rentals properties in Parish of Saint George

short term rental hosts and superhosts

In this area there are 9 unique hosts and 8 Superhosts

short term rental instant booking
Instant Booking

13 listings in Parish of Saint George have Instant Booking turned on.

short term rental listing rating

All Parish of Saint George listings received 1.254 reviews.

In the next 12 months, in Parish of Saint George, the short term rental higher medium price is € 69.69, and the higher medium price looking only at available listings is € 74.94. Instead the lowest medium price is € 0 and the lowest medium price of available listings is € 0.
Note: we collect and update data every day and short term rentals prices may vary on every data update.

Availability of short term rental available properties in Parish of Saint George from May 2024 to April 2025 varies between 36.79% and 78.83%.
Consider that many short term rental hosts do not open their booking calendars too far in the future. Opening your calendar for 12 months or more could be a great business opportunity. Note: Availability changes on every data update. We collect and update short term rental properties data every day.

Properties and rooms

In the "Parish of Saint George" area 61.11% of short term rental properties are classified as Apartment, 16.67% are classified as House, 11.11% are classified as Guest suite, 5.56% are classified as Chalet, 5.56% are classified as Loft, and -0.01% of short term rental properties are classified in minors categories.

Rooms in non exclusive use properties are divided according to the following types: 100% are "Private rooms", 0% are "Hotel rooms" and 0% are "Shared rooms"

Bedrooms and beds

Of those properties 77.78% have 1 bedroom, 16.67% have 2 bedrooms, 5.56% have bedrooms, and properties having a different number of bedrooms are -0.01%.

Also, the number of beds in each property varies as follows: 22.22% have beds, 55.56% have 1 bed, 11.11% have 2 beds, 5.56% have 3 beds, 5.56% have 4 beds, and all other properties are about -0.01%.

100% have Real bed beds, 0% have Others,


The number of bathrooms for property is distributed as follows: 88.89% have 1.00 bathroom, 11.11% have 2.00 bathrooms, and properties having a different number of bathrooms are 0%.

Note: A half bath value means it is just a toilet and sink. There isn't a shower or tub in it, so a house with 1.5 baths has one full bathroom and one-half bath.

Max guests capacity

Regarding the number of people that the accommodation facilities are able to accommodate, in the "Parish of Saint George" area's, we have the following segments: 5.56% can only accomodate 1 guest guest, 72.22% can accomodate up to 2 guests guests, 16.67% can accomodate up to 4 guests guests, 5.56% can accomodate up to 5 guests guests, and -0.01% can accomodate a different number of guests.

Cancellation policies

"Parish of Saint George" area's hosts apply cancellation policies for their properties as follows: 38.89% apply Flexible policy, 38.89% apply Moderate policy, 22.22% apply Strict 14 with grace period policy, and hosts applying different policies are 0%.