Short term rental statistics and data: Albania - Qarku i Beratit - Bashkia Kucove - Komuna e Lumasit
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short term rental properties

There are 3 short term rentals properties in Komuna e Lumasit

short term rental hosts and superhosts

In this area there are 2 unique hosts and 2 Superhosts

short term rental instant booking
Instant Booking

3 listings in Komuna e Lumasit have Instant Booking turned on.

short term rental listing rating

All Komuna e Lumasit listings received 89 reviews.

In the next 12 months, in Komuna e Lumasit, the short term rental higher medium price is € 42, and the higher medium price looking only at available listings is € 0. Instead the lowest medium price is € 0 and the lowest medium price of available listings is € 0.
Note: we collect and update data every day and short term rentals prices may vary on every data update.

Availability of short term rental available properties in Komuna e Lumasit from July 2024 to June 2025 varies between 0% and 0%.
Consider that many short term rental hosts do not open their booking calendars too far in the future. Opening your calendar for 12 months or more could be a great business opportunity. Note: Availability changes on every data update. We collect and update short term rental properties data every day.

Properties and rooms

In the "Komuna e Lumasit" area 33.33% of short term rental properties are classified as Farm stay, 33.33% are classified as House, 33.33% are classified as Nature lodge, and 0.01% of short term rental properties are classified in minors categories.

Rooms in non exclusive use properties are divided according to the following types: 100% are "Private rooms", 0% are "Hotel rooms" and 0% are "Shared rooms"

Bedrooms and beds

Of those properties 66.67% have 1 bedroom, 33.33% have 4 bedrooms, and properties having a different number of bedrooms are 0%.

Also, the number of beds in each property varies as follows: 100% have 2 beds, and all other properties are about 0%.

100% have Real bed beds, 0% have Others,


The number of bathrooms for property is distributed as follows: 66.67% have 1.50 bathrooms, 33.33% have 2.00 bathrooms, and properties having a different number of bathrooms are 0%.

Note: A half bath value means it is just a toilet and sink. There isn't a shower or tub in it, so a house with 1.5 baths has one full bathroom and one-half bath.

Max guests capacity

Regarding the number of people that the accommodation facilities are able to accommodate, in the "Komuna e Lumasit" area's, we have the following segments: 33.33% can accomodate up to 10 guests guests, 33.33% can accomodate up to 2 guests guests, 33.33% can accomodate up to 3 guests guests, and 0.01% can accomodate a different number of guests.

Cancellation policies

"Komuna e Lumasit" area's hosts apply cancellation policies for their properties as follows: 100% apply Flexible policy, and hosts applying different policies are 0%.